Technical advice

Knowing that there is no progress if its social contest is not updated on news of the agriculture industry and market in general, Coocafé has developed supports to many activities that take knowledge, technology and security to the farmers. Below, some of these steels:

COOCAFÉ TOUR (day in the field)

Technician event that occurs at grower’s property, in order to enlightened all of his doubt about coffee growing. At that time, all of neighborhood is invited, but limited up to 20 growers.

In a Setting calendar before, Coocafé Tour is performed inside of a grower partner farm, in order to explain the best way how to care his planting farm, emphasizing for that time the event occurs, what happens to the coffee and about its care.

The course is applied by Coocafé technical team and the average participants is about 15 growers. This work contributes too much to the coffee quality, productivity and production improvement, effectively. Every year, hundreds events are performed.


It is elaborated a schedule with numbers of visits and their places. Coocafé sends a technician to the partner grower’s farm so that, he gets necessary information and all of his doubts about the land and plantation are enlightened. The visits also occur for partner’s punctual demands. The technician is the main way communication throughout partner and Coocafé, so that he, the technician, is always paying attention to the needs and doubts of partners, giving them all of information about schedules, projects, events, rights and obligations, and so, all of Coocafé duty

Coocafé is determined to taking technology, resource and knowledge to its partners. Through courses and training itself – sometimes offered by renowned institution – partners as SENAR (MG) – grower has the opportune to improve his knowledge, becoming each once more competitive on a extremely demanded market.

The partners’ grower have already participated of courses about IPE (Individual Protection Equipment), Pesticide Using, Artificial Insemination, Quality Management, Candy Making, Coffee Taste and Classifying, and others so.


Tasting Coffee Project

Coocafé is looking for continuous quality improvement to its partners growers coffee. Tasting is one of its actions that pursues, so that it can be reached. It consists to improve the knowledges of growers so that, they receive notion about tasting and classifying coffee.

The Tasting Course is administrated by Coocafé Technicians. They teach farmers how to do the tasting about acidity and sweetness to differentiate the qualities found in coffee. Tables for classification and a “Le Nez Du Cafe” are used in order farmers may learn the flavors found in many kinds of coffee produced in the region, allowed them to observe the differences between classifications.

To make process easier, the number of participants is about twelve and no more. A lot of events are performed a year, attending all of regions where units operate. Each course has a time of 20 hours, always ending with a ceremony, where everyone gets a certificate.

The results from this project and others actions so, may be noticed since the last harvests, getting in mind of partners knowledge about their crops. And it has increased considerable.




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