Fair Trade was created with the objective to benefit the whole production chain, from the farmer to the industry that follows the rules of the seal, which is sustained by social responsibility and competitiveness for small and medium producers.

Fair trade focuses on associations and cooperatives of small producers, benefiting and promoting the family farm, because the financial return provided by the seal allows the small farmer keep their culture and improve their quality of life. This return occurs because the Fair trade guarantee a minimum price for coffee. Besides the minimum price, the certification also provides participants a prize to be applied for the benefit of their communities. The value of the award is in accordance with the number of bags exported through fair trade.

To participate in the program, the cooperative must meet a series of requirements based on social welfare, such as: do not use toxic products in the Fair trade coffee – which, in addition to not impact the environment, preserves the health of the applicator – to protect the springs and correctly follow the law of the country.

Certification also encourages the planting of other species (fruit) in coffee, contributing to the fauna since that attracts animals. The social issue is also a concern of Fair trade, to combat child labor, and that the child should have access to school and should only come to work after completing 16 years old. The legalization of labor and other policies propagated by the seal, which requires that employees have a labor contract, as where there is no legal operation.

The Coocafé keeps the seal since 2005 and has being, every year, promoting changes that benefit all communities in their area of expertise, working in the educational business, environmental, and always improving financial returns for producers, in addition to the awards generated by Fair Trade, which were all applied for the benefit of all cooperated.

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