Representatives of Fairtrade visit Coocafé

Last Saturday (08/01/2009), Coocafé received the visit of Transfair / USA (Fairtrade) representatives  (Fairtrade),  Todd Starck and Colleen Scott . It was the first time they were at Coocafé. They were back away  with a great impression on what they saw. As soon as they arrived, they attended the ceremony of inauguration of Coocafé Ibatiba. Then, they went to know the Warehouse in Irupi - Espirito Santo State and Areado - Lajinha - Minas Gerais State, that are getting a process of expansion, almost doubling their capacities. The Americans also visited the property of a member of Coocafé cooperative - Madam Conceição. So they got the characteristics of producers in the region.
At night, the members of Fairtrade went to Durandé - Minas Gerais, where there were the FECALD (Feast of coffee with milk from Durandé) - Event which Coocafé was one of the sponsors and promotes the local culture. On occasion, they had the opportunity to meet a party's traditional region. Throughout the day, officials Coocafé, including president director, Fernando Cerqueira, followed the two representatives of Fairtrade, who promised to return soon.

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