Social Responsibility


For Coocafé, the quality of life should always be a priority. This way, social responsibility is clearly placed in the culture of the cooperative, which develops and/or supports numerous actions in this context. Check out some of them below:


Developed since 2001, the Field School aims to educate students, families and communities about the proper use of pesticides, personal protective equipment and protecting the environment.

The project has educational material of excellent quality, which is included in the school program of the participating schools. The teachers work with the material for 5 months. During this period, students also conduct interviews with farmers and, at the end of the project, each student develops a phrase and a drawing on the Field School project. The best works will receive an award during a closing ceremony. Both the student and his or her school will receive an award.

Over 5,000 students from the 5th grade in elementary school, in several municipalities in the area where Coocafé ​​operates, have already participated in the project. The result of all this work can already be seen in various attitudes of producers and their communities. This project is developed in partnership with Syngenta.


Aimed at improving school meals, the School Garden teaches students the value of being in contact with the soil and the importance of a diet that contains vegetables. Pupils from public elementary schools participate in this project. Coocafé works in partnership with local governments, which support the project, while the cooperative provides inputs and technical support. During the year, Coocafé’s agricultural trainers offer 5 lectures in each participating school, on topics relevant to environmental issues and, consequently, to healthy eating. At the end of each lecture the students participate in a hands-on class related to the discussed topic. The School Garden project started in 2006, in the city of Iúna. Because Coocafé was aware of the importance of nutritious school meals, it has brought the project to various other cities in its area of ​​operation.


Coocafé and Syngenta came together to carry out the Safety and Solidarity project, in order to encourage the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and help charities. The project works as follows: all of the profits coming from the sale of PPE is passed on in the form of benefits to a previously chosen charity.


Every year, Coocafé organizes the Women Co-Operators Meeting, in order to recover the self-esteem of women, as well as provide a place where they can socialize and be inserted in the administrative context of their properties. Plus, it provides an opportunity for them to get to know the cooperative. The guests participate in workshops, craft courses, dynamic group exercises and tours. There are also moments to relax, for example, during the complimentary breakfast and luncheon offering participants the chance to exchange information on what they have just learned.




Aware of the importance of youth in society, Coocafé has organized the Youth Co-operators Meeting. The children of members of the cooperative attend these meetings. They spend a day on the premises of Coocafé, where they participate in motivational workshops, dynamic group exercises, they learn about cooperatives and at the end of the day they share what they have learned and present their own proposals.


Ever since the law of the collection of packaging went into effect, Coocafé has been involved in collecting empty pesticide containers. With 2 receiving stations – one in Minas Gerais and one in Espírito Santo, both stations regulated by monitoring bodies – so far, already 120 tons of plastic and other packaging material has been collected to be either recycled or incinerated.


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