Corporative Governance

Corporate governance defines the way a corporation is directed, administered or controlled. In the case of Coocafé, because it is a cooperative, a number of statutory regulations must be obeyed. Accordingly, the administrative structure of Coocafé consists of:

General Meeting – this is the highest body of a cooperative where decisions about the goals of the organization are made. The General Meeting is subject to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

Board of Directors – composed of six members who are elected at the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) for a four-year term. Among the 6 elected board members, 3 are chosen for the Executive Board. The council must meet once a month, together with the directors, to monitor the activities of the organization. During these meetings the necessary directions for the work of the board are set.

Audit Committee – composed of 6 members, being 3 sitting members and 3 alternates. They are also elected by the General Meeting, but for a one-year term only. This committee has to supervise and monitor the work of the Board of Directors, it must meet once a month, and, in addition, it needs to make habitual visits to the subsidiaries.

Coocafé’s accountability is carried out annually at the OGM when the Annual Economic Balance is presented to the members, accompanied by an independent audit firm. All guidelines, target plans and reports are discussed during the Meeting.

Fernando Romeiro de Cerqueira

Fernando Romeiro de Cerqueira - President Director


João Batista Bartoli de Noronha - Diretor Administrativo Financeiro

João Batista Bartoli de Noronha - Financial Administrative Director


Pedro Antonio Silva Araújo

Pedro Antônio Silva Araújo - Director of Production and Commercial

Lúcio Farias Alves

Evaldo Afonso Rodrigues – Administrative Counselor

Lúcio Farias Alves

Roger Lúcio Alves da Fonseca - Administrative Counselor

Lúcio Farias Alves

José Mário Ferreira Huebra - Administrative Counselor


To keep the transparency and democracy characteristic of a cooperative, Coocafé promotes assemblies for decision-making with its associates, see below:


Although not a statutory obligation, Coocafé has been holding pre-assemblies, with the aim of guaranteeing even more transparency to its members and exercising democracy. The pre-assembly prepares the associate for the main moment of a cooperative: the AGO. In the pre-assemblies, members are aware of everything that concerns their cooperative, since Coocafé presents to them the actions that have been and are being carried out, the evolution of the organization and the numbers that will be detailed and voted on in the Ordinary general Assembly.


When there is a need to discuss exceptional matters, Coocafé convenes an Extraordinary General Meeting (AGE). This has the mold of an AGO, changing only the Order of the Day, which in this case is related to the needs of the moment.


Held annually, with a date previously established and communicated to all members, the Ordinary General Meeting (AGO) is a special moment for a cooperative. It defines the destination of the resources and the paths that the organization will follow, in a democratic way, which makes the participation of the associates indispensable. All members of the cooperative have the right to vote, provided they have their obligations up to date.

Coocafé holds the AGO's at its headquarters, located in Areado, Lajinha / MG. Each year the closing numbers of the previous year are discussed and approved, and the goals plan with the future objectives. The election of the Fiscal Council occurs annually, while the election of the Board of Directors occurs every four years.

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