In order to meet the needs of their members, Coocafé has an excellent structure for storing and selling coffee as well as farmers’ supplies. This structure comprises of:

General Warehouse in Minas Gerais, with the capacity to store 340,000 bags of processed coffee, with fully equipped machinery for processing coffee beans. It helps the members with selling, storing and preparing coffee, plus it offers services to some exporters, standardizing the product for export.

Areado Warehouse – Lajinha/MG – exterior

Areado Warehouse – Lajinha/MG – interior

General Warehouse in Espírito Santo (ES), equipped to store 120,000 bags of processed coffee, with fully equipped machinery for processing coffee beans from the cooperative members and deliver services to third parties.

Barra Grande Warehouse – Irupi/ES – exterior

Barra Grande Warehouse – Irupi/ES – interior

Merchandising and member service units

Commercial Unit in Lajinha/MG

Commercial Unit in Durandé/MG

Commercial Unit in Manhuaçu/MG


Commercial Unit in Mutum/MG

Commercial Unit in Iúna/ES

Commercial Unit in Ibatiba/ES

Commercial Unit in Irupí/ES

Nursery to produce seedlings of coffee, with a production capacity of 1.5 million seedlings of coffee per year, certified and monitored by inspection bodies. Coocafé produces high quality seedlings in the main existing varieties, adapted to the regional circumstances.



The units for merchandising and member services have a team of several employees, including 2 agronomists, 36 agricultural trainers and 1 veterinarian. This technical team is working at developing and training the producer – increasing productivity and the quality of coffee, in order to ensure the sustainability of coffee growing families and the environment.

Technical team

Coocafé disposes of tasting and classification rooms in its warehouses and subsidiaries, informing cooperative members about the quality of the coffees they produce.





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